Embodied Sensitivity As Intelligence, with Philip Shepherd

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Host Stefana Serafina speaks to Canadian author and teacher Philip Shepherd about sensitivity as intelligence, being in the world through our bodies,  and  why we can't live intelligently without returning to our body's capacity for deep knowing and presence.

Philip Shepherd is an international expert on embodiment, and is the author of  New Self, New World: Recovering our Senses in the Twenty-first Century. He teaches his unique embodiment techniques around the world through his Embodied Present Process,  a method for returning to wholeness by healing the frantic, restless intelligence in the head and uniting it with the deep, calm intelligence of the body.

This Episode's Wisdom Quote: "All of the body's sensations are forms of thinking. And there is this wound in our culture: We've divided our thinking from our being, with the mistaken believe that we can think better with a part of ourselves than we can with the whole of our being present. So that wound deprives us our thinking of the body's sensitivity- and our body is only bridge to the present? It is not until a perspective is brought down through the body and into the pelvic bowl and allow to integrate that it can rebirth as a sensitivity. And without sensitivity we cannot live intelligently. We can live in very clever ways, but not intelligently. "

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Women’s Bodies as Vessels for Evolution, with Chameli Ardagh

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In this episode of the Women's Edition, host Stefana Serafina speaks to Chameli Ardagh, founder of the Awakening Women Institute, about women and their bodies' inherent wisdom as the bringers of a new dawn for the world.

Chameli Ardagh is a leading pioneer in contemporary feminine spirituality, and has inspired thousands of women around the world with her breakthrough methods for living and embodying  feminine awakening.

This Episodes Wisdom Quote: "A woman's body is a vessel for evolution. Not only the womb is a microcosmic experience of the greater cosmic creativity but a woman's body is aligned to the greater cycles of nature. When we come closer to our bodies, we come closer to the universal dance? the wisdom and rhythms that we have as a culture forgotten, and we live in the consequence of this separation from these rhythms, destroying ourselves and our world. So women are the teachers. We as a collective are waiting for the women to come forth and bring back this intimate knowing we have in our bodies about the cycles and rhythms and how the universe moves. Women through their bodies can guide us back to a sustainable way of living."

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