Stefana Serafina

 13256237_10153797684539302_7358463530325642397_nStefana Serafina, M.A.,  is an embodiment educator and facilitator, and the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance, a platform providing women with resources, experiences, and education towards returning to their  bodies’ inherent intelligence, intuitive and creative wisdom, and sensual expression. Based in the San Francisco Bay, Stefana  has been dedicated to women’s embodied empowerment since 2009, offering courses, retreats, and temple spaces to women in California, Europe, and online. Intuitive Body and Dance weaves together somatic and expressive arts approaches, women’s temple traditions, intuitive self-expression, and earth-centered spirituality.

Before dedicating her life to women’s embodied empowerment, through her twenties, Stefana was a public radio journalist and writer, hence her passion for media and ideas worth spreading. The Embodied Way Podcast brings her lifelong passions a  full circle.