You can always listen to the podcast right here on the webpage (streaming), but if you’d like to automatically and easily receive new episodes directly on your device (phone, tablet or computer), it’s best to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  When you do that, new episodes will be downloaded to your device automatically, which means you can listen to the show at any time, even without internet connection.

imgresIf you have iTunes, go the show’s iTunes page, click “View in iTunes” and then click Subscribe. While you’re at it, leave us a review please- easy and quick!   Once you subscribe, the podcast will automagically arrive to your iTunes and will be filed under Podcasts on all your devices.

podcastsTo get it from your iPhone
, check your phone for the app called Podcasts– it    comes installed with newer devices.  Enter the app, search for the Embodied    Way Podcast, and subscribe. (If you have an older device, you will need to   download the app)

imgres-1If you have an Android phone or tablet, it is best to download the Stitcher App for Podcasting. Then search  for the Embodied Way Podcast, subscribe, and take the podcast on the go!

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