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The Embodied Way Podcast offers ongoing conversations about returning to our senses in the virtual age. Each episode offers unique pathways, inspiration, and research towards re-attuning to the sense-based intelligence that weaves our world together, and  reconciling the ways we relate to our own bodies  and the body of our Earth.

Host Stefana Serafina speaks to embodiment scholars, healers, artists, authors, and activists who work to promote social and cultural change through the ways we embody ourselves and our values, our voices, our sensitivity and sensuality, and our intuitive and creative capacities.

The Embodied Way Podcast  is committed to offering trajectories for humanity’s journey of leaving the head as the only perceived seat of intelligence and descending down into the collective and individual  belly, pelvic bowl, and root– in our  quest for becoming whole again.

Ushering in a deepened awareness and experiential knowing of the genius of our bodies and our senses, and our intuitive and creative expression, the series inspires our listeners to cultivate an embodied way of being, in  interconnectedness and symbiotic relationship to all of life.

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